Inventors, Manufacturer and Distributors of Equine Hygiene Products Introduce

The Horse Diaper

A World Patented Product


Some of the advantages of using the Horse Diaper are:

  1. Immediately increases hygiene for horses in confined areas e.g. stables, transportation and clinics
  2. Greatly cuts down the time needed for cleaning out stables
  3. Extensively reduces the costs needed by capturing your horses urine and manure.
  4. Allows you to monitor your horses' health by capturing the horses urine and manure
  5. The Horse Diaper is product friendly to environmentally sensitive areas.
  6. Decreases smells and odours around your stable, therefore reducing disease carrying insects, flies and vermin.
  7. The Horse Diaper allows you to improve pasture management and parasite control.
  8. Provides a simple method of monitoring the health and development of your future foal through analysis of the pregnant mare's urine.

Horse diaper in use with carriage

The Horse Diaper in use with Transportation.....

When your horse is required to travel by air or road, they can travel wearing their Horse Diaper.

By Horse Float
ByHorse Truck

A new way of life for horses stabled around the World
The Horse Diaper is now an international product that is being readily accepted as an improvement to stable management around the world

Flemington - AUSTRALIA
Kuala Lumpur - ASIA

Veterinarians recommend The Horse Diaper
Veterinarians around the world are applauding The Horse Diaper for its many uses such as:

Dr. Des James
Snr Veterinarian
Gisborne Vet Clinic
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Collection of horse urine.
Dr. Alastair Maclean
Equine Superintendent
The University of Melbourne Veterinary Clinic and Equine Research
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Use of The Horse Diaper for Pre and Post Operative Procedures.
Dr. Durelle Esnouf
Gisborne Vet Clinic
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Examination and collection of Pregnant Mares Urine

Clean stable environment
No more need for the daily chore of cleaning out stables.  Bedding material costs are reduced by up to 65%


Big is Beautiful
The Horse Diaper for bigger horses
We have Horse Diapers available to fit even the largest horses e.g. Clydesdales.

    Female                             Male

Caring for your horse
Horses can still wear their Horse Diaper and continue with their daily routine.



Our research and development team at Equisan are always looking for improvements to the horse diaper for horse owners and trainers to care for their horse. We believe that we have succeeded with the introduction of a large removable cap at the base of the diaper which allows you to empty urine and manure without the need of removing the diaper from your horse. This new technology means that we have also developed a UNISEX diaper that fits both male and female horses.

The Removable Cap
Simply unscrew the Cap and empty urine and manure into an bucket for easy disposal.

For more information please contact.....

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The Horse Diaper is an International Patent Approved product.

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